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H4 hashes every week, rain or shine
Saturdays in winter, Wednesdays in summer

NOTE: We don't have a phone hotline

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A MESSAGE FROM OUR FORMER GM Wetter the Better and
endorsed by your New Mismanagement 7th Hole (GM) and Devil Woman (JM):
Yes! You read that right!

VERY important info: There are still a few open dates for haring. Please contact your Hare Raiser Port-A-Ho.

Beer will remain BYOB until further notice.

If you are a hare and would like your hash to start at an organized time OR provide an apres,
it is up to YOU to educate yourself with state laws regarding COVID-19.
CLICK HERE: Delaware COVID-19 Guidelines for Gatherings

Please be considerate & respectful, wear a mask & practice social distancing at ALL times.

Keep yourself & others safe!
7th Hole and Devil Woman on behalf of The Wetter The Better

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Check out this website that Lost Penis put together!! History of our hash from the humble beginning to present day!
A History of H4 Hashes
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Hash #1396 / COVID 19-56: G.I.A and Two Buck F*ck
SATURDAY, April 10, 2021, Trail should be ready by 1:30p, Cecil College (39.644148, -75.955850) 1 Seahawk Dr, North East, MD 21901
Other Info updated

Hash #1397 / COVID 19-57: Magic Carpet Ride
SATURDAY, April 17, 2021 TBA
Other Info NOT updated

Hash #1398 / COVID 19-58: Orificer Hash
SATURDAY, April 24, 2021 TBA
Other Info NOT updated

Hash #1399 / COVID 19-59: Red Dress Hash
SATURDAY, May 1, 2021 TBA
Other Info NOT updated

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