Hash #1357: Tinsel Tits and Pickle Dick
SATURDAY, July 11, 2020 Parking lot before Dew Point Brewing, Yorklyn, DE

Hash Cash = $FREE, BYOB and snax

When? That's up to you - any time after 11:00AM HST on Saturday.

Why? Potential On-After at the Tristate Blues Review at Dew Point Brewing, which starts at 2pm.
Parking will likely be limited during the music, but there are other options to park.

Where? Parking lot before Dew Point Brewing, which is on the right
just after the little one-lane bridge if your coming from Lancaster Pike.
Circle up for marks on the black top area before the one lane bridge.
Across the street is the State Park which has optional parking if you either have a Delaware state park sticker or
you want to self pay. Another option to park is further up the road at the Center for Creative Arts

Do whatcha wanna, but make sure you have a leash.

Get your butt down to 2878 Creek Rd, Yorklyn, DE 19736.
From Lancaster Pike (Rt. 41) in Hockessin, turn onto Yorklyn Road.
Follow about 1.8 miles to the parking lot on right, just after going over the one lane bridge.
Walk back over the bridge to see marks and beginning of trail. In addition to flour on trail there will be pink ribbon.

What Else: As usual, bring Bug spray, face mask, and hand sanitizer.

Fly Me to the Zoom: A virtual (but not virtuous) circle will be held at 7:00PM on Saturday night.
Go to Zoom.us and enter the meeting ID and password:
Meeting ID: 782 4083 6414
Password: 8Nh2LG
or, use the link: Zoom link

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