Hash #1371 / COVID 19-31: Magic Carpet Ride,Skidmarks and Lost Penis "Doin' the Dew" hash
SATURDAY, October 17, 2020 Anytime after 11am, parking lot at corner of Creek Rd and Yorklyn Rd, Yorklyn, DE

Hash Cash = FREE. BYOB
But, if you go to the Apres after trail at Dew Point, it will cost $20 entry for: Xtianstock - an outdoor concert event to raise funds for
Light Up The Queen's Christian Salcedo Music Scholarship program

Leashed, should be

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What Else, usually: As usual, bring Bug spray, face mask, and hand sanitizer.

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Next Zoom Circle will be Saturday 10/17 at 7pm!

IGNORE BELOW - Webmaster is saving it for future use - does not apply for this week's hash!!
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