Hash #1337: Bunion Butt and Wet Lay Mardi Gras Hash
SATURDAY, February 22, 2020 3:00PM, Christiana Town Center shopping center in beautiful downtown Christiana Delaware

Hash Cash = $7

Doggies are whole-heartedly welcomed on trail and the well-behaved ones at Apres.
I guess you can drag along kids if you've got no other child care choices.

What Else?
Powerful Hurricane libations promised.
Delicious Mardi Gras Carniva'le and Vegetiva'le dishes promised.
A dry trail is promised.
One of these statements is false.

From I-95, take Exit 3 (Rt 273 East toward Dover).
You'll quickly pass Delmarva Power site on your left, then turn left into Christiana Town Center.
Wander back to a rear parking lot near the Club Champion golf shop. Park. Hurricane. Hash.
Or map yourself to 521 W. Main Street, Christiana DE 19702. Problems? - Wet Lay (302) 353-6433 or Bunion (302) 513-4503

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