Hash #1367 / COVID 19-27: Groper and Buttlite HASH / BASH
SATURDAY, September 19, 2020 Nick Mowers Dog Park, Industrial Park Road and Riviera Drive, Pennsville, NJ 08070

Hash Cash = FREE - but bring cash and ID for one beer stop. Apres BYOB and F

Yes, but MUST use a leash.

Please take the Delaware Memorial Bridge to New Jersey.
After crossing the Delaware River, take the first exit to Pennsville, NJ (Route 49 East/N. Broadway).
After four (4) traffic lights, turn right onto Dunn Lane (The Buggy Bath Car Wash is at the corner where you turn right).
Proceed 6/10th of a mile to the first stop sign at Rachel's Deli.
Turn left and go one mile. Look for the Nick Mowers Dog Park on the left.
The Nick Mowers Dog Park is located at the intersection of Riviera Drive and Industrial Park Road. Park and hash

Please be DISCREET with alcohol beverages at Dog Park since they are not allowed.

Google Maps

What Else: As usual, bring Bug spray, face mask, and hand sanitizer.

What Else Too: Due to COVID-19, the HASH was cleared with the local Pennsville Sheriff's Department and out of state tags are "WELCOME."

The standard H4 marks will be used including colored ribbon if needed to supplement chalk/flour on the ground.

There will be an Apres with BYOF (Food). The trail can be biked (recommend hybrid/mountain bike) and
has one "pay as you go" beer stop, and a turkey/eagle split.

On-In BYOF Apres will be outside. Some beer and wine will be provided.

Please bring your lawn chair and hang out for a while practicing social distancing.

The second beer stop is near the start where one can get their lawn chair and their food.

Fly Me to the Zoom:
Zoom details provided below. Plan on Saturday 9/19 at 7pm!
Zoom link
Meeting ID: 782 4083 6414
Passcode: 8Nh2LG

IGNORE BELOW - Webmaster is saving it for future use - does not apply for this week's hash!!
Click to see the location:
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