Hash #1420: Devil Woman and Toxic Shock
SATURDAY, September 25, 2021, 3:30PM, Delcastle Park, McKennon's Church Road, Wilmington, DE

Hash Cash: $7.00

What Else: There may be virgin territory. There may be one beer stop. There will be snacks but there
won't be an 'official' apres with cooked food (but there will be food for purchase nearby)

Friendlies: Leashed dogs and children okay for trail, not for on-after

From I-95, take exit 5A-5B towards Rt 141 N (towards Newport).
From Rt 141 take Exit 6A-6B towards Newark/Lancaster. Merge onto Rt 2 Kirkwood Highway.
From Kirkwood Highway turn right onto Duncan Road. Take Duncan Road to the traffic light T-stop at McKennan's Church Road.
Turn left onto McKennan's Church Road, go to the second (main) entrance to Delcastle Recreation Area on the left,
Cruise the parking lots, looking for hashers, park, and hash.

IGNORE BELOW - Webmaster is saving it for future use - does not apply for this week's hash!!
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