Hash #1405: The 6-9 Hash with CUNTY and PubeHeAteHer
WEDNESDAY, June 9, 2021, Pack Off at 6:30pm, 62 Rockford Rd, Wilmington, DE 19806

Hash Cash: $7! - The Biermeister is back!! Beer will be provided as will some tubular meat and chips after circle.
If you feel like hanging after the hash, bring a chair, some ludes, and relax dammit.

Where: the Western Highlands of the City of Wilmington, not Trolley Square (those fucking wankers).
Start point is in a parking lot of a building containing a gym (FIT) that will soon be demolished to make room for,
you guessed it, more condos. 62 Rockford Rd, Wilmington, DE 19806, United States of 'Merica.

Park in the damn lot. Get out of your damn car. Put on your damn walking/running shoes. And crack a damn beer and have some damn fun.

What Else: There's a beer stop. Dog and kid friendly BOTH SHOULD BE ON A LEASH... and truthfully, Pube should be on one too.

Cumming from Newark, best to use the 202 South exit off 95 toward Wilmington (not MLK blvd or Delaware Ave unless
you want to go on a completely different hashing experience.)

Cumming 95 South use the same exit (duh). Park in the damn lot. Get out of your damn car.
Put on your damn walking (or running) shoes. And crack a damn beer and have some damn fun.

Fly Me to the Zoom:
In light of nicer weather, Zoom meetings are suspended for now, unless somebody really really wants to have one.

Guidance about holding live circles has been provided by our RA Skidmarks:
"Hi Wankers,
It seems from the few times this calendar year that we've circled up (pre and post) hash,
that most of you wankers and wankettes are comfortable with the idea.
I think we can go back to having "regular" circles. But...it will be up to the hare(s) to ensure we have enough space to
remain socially distanced and it is up to the hashers to make sure they distance themselves.
Please use your best judgment, because we are getting about 40 hashers each hash.
The more space available the better, we cannot have balls to butts hashers in circle - and
hashers need to respect other hashers and not infringe on their space if they're not wanted there.

Also, it's BYOB for down downs. If the hares want to purchase beer and manage cups and
have hand sanitizer available for the circle, etc for down downs that is up to them.

IGNORE BELOW - Webmaster is saving it for future use - does not apply for this week's hash!!
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