Hash #1492: Lost Penis (aka La Nina, as in the Christopher Columbus ship) and possibly a co-hare
SATURDAY, February 4, 2023, 3:00PM, 3100 Skyline Drive, Wilmington, DE (Skyline United Methodist Church)

Hash Cash: $7.00

In 1492, Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

Ironically, the park relocated the Native American-themed playground.
While the hare hopes to discover new lands, never hashed upon, it's going to be cold ... which may take the winds out of her sails.

Friendlies: We've been here before, so the hare supposes that Groundhog Day is also a theme.
Children and pets won't be able to attend the apres, but can join us on trail.

From N95 S take DE Exit 5A/B for DE 141 N.
Exit 6A/B for DE 2W toward Newark. Right on DE 7 N/Limestone Road.
Left onto New Linden Hill Road. Left onto Skyline Drive. Right in to church parking lot.
Find other hashers. Park. Pay hash cash. Complain.

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