Hash #1396 / COVID 19-56: G.I.A and Two Buck F*ck
SATURDAY, April 10, 2021, Trail should be ready by 1:30p, Cecil College (39.644148, -75.955850) 1 Seahawk Dr, North East, MD 21901

Hash Cash = Free. BYOB

What Else:
Might be wet if it rains. May cross water. Might be long, might be short. No clue! Won't know until Saturday.

Dogs and offspring, Sure why not.

From DE? don't pay the toll. Take I-95 South, get off at 896N.
Go to Rt. 4 (TGI Fridays) and turn left. Turn left on Elkton Road (279).
Take the right exit to 95 South again. (Buy a beer at State Line Liquors with the $4 you just saved.)
Get off on Exit 100, 272 North, towards Rising Sun. Turn right at the light onto Seahawk Drive (Cecil College).
Turn left at the stop sign and follow the outside road around the college.
Go almost all the way down and look for hashers on your left. We think we'll be here. If not we'll leave a note.
Park, grab your mask, and hash.
And don't forget your hand sanitizer!

Fly Me to the Zoom:
In light of nicer weather, Zoom meetings are suspended for now, unless somebody really really wants to have one.
Guidance about holding live circles has been provided by our RA Skidmarks

IGNORE BELOW - Webmaster is saving it for future use - does not apply for this week's hash!!
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