Hash #1535: Dirty Wet P*ssy
SATURDAY, December 2, 2023, 3:00PM, James T. Corcoran Park and Greenway at Coventry, New Castle, DE
(address across the street from the park is 10 W Edinburgh Dr, New Castle, DE 19720)

Hash Cash: $7

What Else: Yes, there may be some virgin trail this week.
Apres will be at 12 Penny Lane, Newark, DE 19702 -- with a fire inside and out to keep you warm.

Friendlies: Should be fine on trail, but no dogs in the house and the back yard is not secured for furry friends.

Many of us will get to the start by getting on Rt. 1/Rt. 7 south and then going east on Rt. 273 towards New Castle.
Taking a left onto Rt. 37/Airport Rd. And then taking a left onto W. Edinburgh Rd.

Others will get on Rt. 141 and take Rt. 37/Airport and then a right onto W Edinburgh Rd. Park and hash.

IGNORE BELOW - Webmaster is saving it for future use - does not apply for this week's hash!!
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